Art Gallery

I always wanted to see how it felt to be an Art Gallery owner.
I happened to see a box my person was hiding in the closet.
I asked if I could see what was in it.
I found the art I am showing you.
The pieces are the size of postcards.
The first three works are inspired by Africa.
1. Zebra.
2. Colors of Africa.
3. Dancer’s
We now have two pieces with trees.
1. Oak Tree
I like this one it provides my favorite food in the Fall, Acorns.
Piece 2 … Fall Colors.
This piece is…. Fall Leaves.
Look at that spider!
I know it’s harmless no need to worry .
Embroidered work two pieces.
No Rules Embroidery 1.
No Rules Embroidery 2

This is my favorite piece it’s called…. Franky.
That concludes my tour today.
I had fun being Art Gallery owner .
Thank you for following me.


I’m just stopping in for a minute.
My person was sick all last week. She is still sick.
I’m going over to her house to take care of her until she is well.
While being sick last week she didn’t take it easy. I will see
that she rests and takes it easy this week.

Until she is in the best of health I told her she can’t post on our blog.
She will post again as soon as she is healthy.

Hitty Noel’s Bed

Meet Hitty Noel.
Noel is another wooden that lives on Donahey.
Last week my person went to the Second Hand Store.
She returned home with this canopy bed.
Neither of us was very fond of the bed coverings.
My person spent last week crocheting a new canopy
and bedspread. We are much happier with this look.
I see the back post came undone. We didn’t notice it until the photo
was downloaded. It does snap into the post.

We will move the new bed into the Hitty house.


I had cabin fever and needed a outing.
Went grazing in stores.
Found this vignette.
It just looked very Spring
like. Had to have my picture taken with it.
Everything was pretty in pinks,
whites and green like the bread box .
I was more interested in the chicken. Just as I
started to climb on it my person snapped a picture.
Flowers that look so much
like real peonies.
I liked them so much I had to have two pictures taken with
the peonies.
An arbor for the garden.
It would look good in my garden.
The price was a bit more than I had on me.
I brought one item home with me .
I bought the chicken statue it will be placed
in my garden.

Clean Up

I decided the best time to get the garden in shape
was right now.
I pulled out my garden tools and got to work.
First the coleus plant was cut way back.
I hope it grows again.
I removed the Christmas Cactus starts.
Moved my tire swing to the back of the garden.
I had to take time out to go to the greenhouse
to purchase some new plants.
It looks much better cleaned up and rearranged.
Looks less like a jungle and more
like a garden again.
I turned on the garden lights it was getting dark.
I’m done for the day. Heading in to eat.
Will try hard to keep the garden under control this Summer.

The Fairy Garden

I went to visit the Fairy Garden.
How much work does it need to get it back in shape.
The house looks fine.
Tire swing is in great shape.
I tried it out to make sure.
What is a Christmas Cactus doing growing in here?
That will have to be removed.
What about the Aloe Vera growing in a can.
I didn’t plant that in here either.
It will have to go somewhere else.
Arbor seems to have held up.
Some of the ivy on the arbor didn’t make it.
That Spider Plant is new it needs to be moved to a pot.
Looks as if the coleus needs cut down or removed.
Dragonfly is still here.
That’s a good sign.
Hives look really good.
Had some bee activity going on.
The garden does have some work to get it in shape.
I think I can get it looking good again with a
little help from my friends.

I’ll keep you posted on the work I do in it.

Pixel the Little Mouse

A few weeks ago we had a new arrival on our street.
Meet Pixel the little mouse.
Pixel is only 2 inches tall.
Pixel arrived in her own little home.
Inside her home she has everything she needs.
Her own bed. A stove for heat and cooking.
A cupboard to store her food.
A rug to keep her toes warm.

She will use this home when she travels the country.
Since arriving on Donahey Pixel has moved to a home
with a bit more room.
It doesn’t look like much yet.
She has a kitchen.
A living room to relax in.
A rocking horse to ride on.
Pixel moved her rocking horse upstairs to her bedroom.
Her bedroom has storage for her clothing.
A bathroom with indoor plumbing.
This will be Pixels temporary home .
A house is being built for her.

Searching For the Pot of Gold

I was out searching for the pot of gold on St Patrick’s Day.
I didn’t find gold. I did find this pot of moss.
It was pretty neat.
A big hole had opened up in the moss.
Maybe the gold is down there.

I don’t see anything but a black hole.
Why didn’t I bring a flashlight.
I looked closer.
The hole may not look big but if
you’re my size it is big.
No not gold just dirt in the hole.
Maybe the only gold I was supposed to find
here is the gold/orange moss growing.

I’ll keep searching!