When I go outside late at night with my person we hear an owl hooting.
At times like that I’m happy I’m made of wood.
An owl wouldn’t dare eat me. It could end up having lots of splinters.
Look at the talons on the owls legs as it goes after the rabbit.

I was able to get a close look at a Great Horned Owl.
This one had a large wing span. I guess that’s good to have when
hunting . You have to be able to fly off with your prey.
The Barn Owl was a bit smaller.
You can dissect  owl pellets to see what it has eaten.
These are owl wings you can pick up and look at closer.
You could hold a pair of owl legs with the talons also.

I didn’t do that. They were so much bigger than me. I couldn’t
hold them. I did look . 

That’s all I have on owls for now.
I still plan on keeping my ears and eyes open when I go out at night and
hear that owl hooting.

5 thoughts on “Owls

  1. excellent info on those owls…did they tell you that Owls can fly/soar almost without any noise..something about the wing construction and feather pattern…the better to pounce on their prey! I am also glad that you are wooden and not of interest to them.


  2. oops just remembered…we have a barn owl in our…..(wait for it)……BARN!!! he was pretty hard on the pigeons who used to live there.

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  3. The owl around my persons house must stay all night at the back of the yard. Some mornings when she goes out they are just flying off. I did know they fly without a sound. That is why she is always watching when she takes her little dogs out.


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