Today the little wooden’s are getting small crocheted blankets.
I’m in charge of picking a favorite.
I decided they are each perfect for their critter.
Wee likes color.
Patrick likes to blend in.
Sly likes having the grass under his feet.
Judging is over.
I am reading them a story as they snuggle in their new blankets.

6 thoughts on “Blankets

  1. Your blankets will keep you nice and warm. We are waiting on a small grey mouse to come across the sea to live here in Flintstone with us.

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    1. ACorn has been studying Bees. He’s reading to his friends about the importance of Bees in our lives.
      We spent yesterday putting the book together..


  2. ACorn is so thoughtful choosing just the right blankie for each of his friends. and they look so cute all snuggled in and being read to. ACorn is a wonderful friend.

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