Bigger Lake, 2nd Kayak,Bushes and a Tree

I wanted my friends to go kayaking with me.
It meant my person had to crochet a second kayak.

We then had to have the lake expanded.
More rocks had to be knit and felted .
A bush was crocheted today for landscape 
around the lake.
A second bush was made .
A tree is now being crocheted.
Phew had only one request for the crocheter. 
Crochet a paddle for the second kayak. 
I had to paddle out and tow Phew back to shore.
Phew looked rather frightened.
He’d gone off without his life jacket on.
My poor person has a few more items
to crochet before our lake scene is finished.

6 thoughts on “Bigger Lake, 2nd Kayak,Bushes and a Tree

  1. ACorn ..your person is amazing. Love the lake with white water….yes you do need those life jackets! And the rocks and the shrubs…..and the kayaks…..I am in awe!!! We LOVE your adventures!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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