Winter Drive

I was so excited to be heading out today.
The excitement lasted up until I walked out the door.
It was to cold to do anything that meant I’d be outside.
As I rode through downtown I knew a drive on a Winter
day could be fun.
We headed off on a country road.
Unlike a couple of days ago we had snow again.
Nothing much to see except snow and bare trees.
A red barn and a yellow shed finally a bit of color.
Snow starts to fall.
A windmill visible through the blowing snow.
A big Amish farm.
A second windmill,
My view was being blocked by the freezing snow coming down.
We decided it would be best to head back home.
Thanks for joining me on my ride.

4 thoughts on “Winter Drive

  1. Well that was certainly a winter drive! I was really interested in the big Amish farm….ACorn need to go back in the spring and take another photo for me! Glad you all got home safely.

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  2. It was a nice drive just to cold to get out and enjoy anything. In the Summer that large farm is beautiful. Will try to get a Summer picture of it for you.


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