Brick Wall Sculpture

Sugarcreek Ohio

Section 7 Signs of Communities.
I went to see this carved brick wall. It is a wall on the history
of the listed towns.
The sculpture is located in downtown Sugarcreek.
The wall consists of thirteen of these large carved brick sections.
They are all connected. My person took individual pictures but none of the whole piece together.

Today’s post is only about Sugarcreek.
Tomorrow I will post the next six sections.
Section 2 Brick, Clay and Coal.
Belden Brick company in Sugarcreek.
Section 3 Cheese and Dairy.
Cheese making is big in this area.
Section 4 Swiss Culture.
Sugarcreek is considered to be
Little Switzerland of Ohio.
Section 9 Sugarcreek.
Downtown Sugarcreek has buildings
built like Swiss Chalets.
Section 10 Amish Culture.
Sugarcreek is surrounded by Amish farms.
Section 11 Agriculture.
The diverse life in and around Sugarcreek.
This large plaque lists what each section represents, the donors
and the artist name.

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