Brick Wall Sculpture Part 2

Section 7
Signs of communities
Showing this section again so you can see how close
the surrounding communities are to Sugarcreek.
Section 1
Section 5
Baltic one of the small towns around Sugarcreek.
Section 6
Ragersville another town around Sugarcreek.
In 1908 Alta Weiss was a rather famous female baseball pitcher.
Born in Ragersville played on Cleveland team as a pitcher.
ACorn is next to her hat on the wall.
Section 8
Dundee Ohio
Section 12
Education. Business and Industry
Section 13
Community working together.
I’m glad I wore my blue sweater .
I might have blended in with the wall otherwise.

I have shown all sections of the wall sculpture.
I haven’t seen it at night when it is lite up. I bet it
looks very nice then.

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