My Bee Book

My person made me a Bee Hat. I put it on so I
could show you my finished Bee Book.
This is my Bee Book. My person helped me make it.
The distressed ink is what we used to make the pages look old.
My first page has the Bee Prayer on it.
These two pages have pockets built to hold my Bee Cards.
The next couple of pages.
More pages.
Another pocket with cards.
These are extra cards that fit in the book.
The book is held closed by
bead elastic and a little button.
I now have my very own book on Bees.
We will have to make more of these little books.
I will have to think of more subjects I’d like in a book.
My library is growing.

6 thoughts on “My Bee Book

  1. the hat, the book…amazing! I am just in awe of your Bee book. Looking forward to seeing what new books you will come up with. YOu have such a wide range of interests Mr. ACorn.

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