Yellow Spring

I have a real little person playing with me today.
He is showing me how to roll the yellow spring.
I listen so I get it right.
He rolls the spring to me .
I have to roll it to him now.

Are you ready ?
Here it comes.
The spring is just an empty coil.
We put the spring on the straw of his cup so he
can drink through it.
He gives me a drink.
Rolling a spring around with a three year old is exhausting work.
I need to go take a nap.

4 thoughts on “Yellow Spring

  1. It did look like you were having a great time…and the 3 year old seemed quite careful with your little self. Hope you have more fun times with this young play mate.

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  2. We did have fun. He was trying to walk me so fast I thought my legs might pop off. Riding in the bathtub car was lots of fun. He had a bit of trouble getting my tail just right.


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