Pixel the Little Mouse

A few weeks ago we had a new arrival on our street.
Meet Pixel the little mouse.
Pixel is only 2 inches tall.
Pixel arrived in her own little home.
Inside her home she has everything she needs.
Her own bed. A stove for heat and cooking.
A cupboard to store her food.
A rug to keep her toes warm.

She will use this home when she travels the country.
Since arriving on Donahey Pixel has moved to a home
with a bit more room.
It doesn’t look like much yet.
She has a kitchen.
A living room to relax in.
A rocking horse to ride on.
Pixel moved her rocking horse upstairs to her bedroom.
Her bedroom has storage for her clothing.
A bathroom with indoor plumbing.
This will be Pixels temporary home .
A house is being built for her.