The Fairy Garden

I went to visit the Fairy Garden.
How much work does it need to get it back in shape.
The house looks fine.
Tire swing is in great shape.
I tried it out to make sure.
What is a Christmas Cactus doing growing in here?
That will have to be removed.
What about the Aloe Vera growing in a can.
I didn’t plant that in here either.
It will have to go somewhere else.
Arbor seems to have held up.
Some of the ivy on the arbor didn’t make it.
That Spider Plant is new it needs to be moved to a pot.
Looks as if the coleus needs cut down or removed.
Dragonfly is still here.
That’s a good sign.
Hives look really good.
Had some bee activity going on.
The garden does have some work to get it in shape.
I think I can get it looking good again with a
little help from my friends.

I’ll keep you posted on the work I do in it.