I had cabin fever and needed a outing.
Went grazing in stores.
Found this vignette.
It just looked very Spring
like. Had to have my picture taken with it.
Everything was pretty in pinks,
whites and green like the bread box .
I was more interested in the chicken. Just as I
started to climb on it my person snapped a picture.
Flowers that look so much
like real peonies.
I liked them so much I had to have two pictures taken with
the peonies.
An arbor for the garden.
It would look good in my garden.
The price was a bit more than I had on me.
I brought one item home with me .
I bought the chicken statue it will be placed
in my garden.

4 thoughts on “Grazing

  1. Marie Claire approves of your purchase… can never have too many chickens is her motto! Altho I confess I rather like that gazebo/cabin/whatever structure!!

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