Hitty Noel’s Bed

Meet Hitty Noel.
Noel is another wooden that lives on Donahey.
Last week my person went to the Second Hand Store.
She returned home with this canopy bed.
Neither of us was very fond of the bed coverings.
My person spent last week crocheting a new canopy
and bedspread. We are much happier with this look.
I see the back post came undone. We didn’t notice it until the photo
was downloaded. It does snap into the post.

We will move the new bed into the Hitty house.

2 thoughts on “Hitty Noel’s Bed

  1. Noel is lovely and so deserving of a beautiful bed. We are quite impressed with the new canopy and covering….will the Human be crocheting or sewing the lovely Noel a dainty nightie to go with her new bed?

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