I’m just stopping in for a minute.
My person was sick all last week. She is still sick.
I’m going over to her house to take care of her until she is well.
While being sick last week she didn’t take it easy. I will see
that she rests and takes it easy this week.

Until she is in the best of health I told her she can’t post on our blog.
She will post again as soon as she is healthy.

4 thoughts on “Sick

  1. Oh dear…ACorn please take good care of your human, she is very special. Please tell her I am wishing her a speedy recovery. And yes…make her take it easy!!


  2. I hope your human feels well soon , my human was under the weather yesterday but is ready to go bowling now. She was gladit was just a 24 hour thing thinks taking the flu shot helped.


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