Art Gallery

I always wanted to see how it felt to be an Art Gallery owner.
I happened to see a box my person was hiding in the closet.
I asked if I could see what was in it.
I found the art I am showing you.
The pieces are the size of postcards.
The first three works are inspired by Africa.
1. Zebra.
2. Colors of Africa.
3. Dancer’s
We now have two pieces with trees.
1. Oak Tree
I like this one it provides my favorite food in the Fall, Acorns.
Piece 2 … Fall Colors.
This piece is…. Fall Leaves.
Look at that spider!
I know it’s harmless no need to worry .
Embroidered work two pieces.
No Rules Embroidery 1.
No Rules Embroidery 2

This is my favorite piece it’s called…. Franky.
That concludes my tour today.
I had fun being Art Gallery owner .
Thank you for following me.