Yellow Spring

I have a real little person playing with me today.
He is showing me how to roll the yellow spring.
I listen so I get it right.
He rolls the spring to me .
I have to roll it to him now.

Are you ready ?
Here it comes.
The spring is just an empty coil.
We put the spring on the straw of his cup so he
can drink through it.
He gives me a drink.
Rolling a spring around with a three year old is exhausting work.
I need to go take a nap.


A staircase in your house can have more than one use.
You can walk up and down it like everyone does.
You can line up on it and pose for pictures.
You can slide down the banister to get downstairs faster.
If you have two rails you can have a race with a friend.
You can line up the letters of your name to
learn how to spell .
You can play school.
Everyone starts on the bottom step for first grade .
The first person to answer five questions
correctly moves up a step to the next grade .
When you reach the top step you graduate.
Wee is going up to second grade. I am going to sixth grade.
The most fun thing you can do with a staircase is
fly down it on a piece of cardboard.
I’m flying down now and Wee is going to follow,
See you tomorrow if I survive.

Empty House

Outside as I walked around I
found this house.
The house was covered in dead leaves.
I moved them.
I climbed up to the opening.
I had to see what was living in this house.
It was very dark inside.
Nothing lives in it yet.
It’ a nice house but to dark for me to live in.
I’ll be watching to see if something moves in over the Summer.

Flower Hunting

I put on my Bee Hat today, went outside and searched for flowers.
I knew if any were blooming the Bee would find them.
We searched high.
We searched low.
Getting closer I see a red peony peeking out.
Lots of peonies peeking out.
A cluster of daffodils too.
OH! A crocus is blooming.
I knew we could find flowers
thanks to the Bee on my hat.
More crocus are blooming.

We found even more crocus .
That’s all the blooming flowers we saw.
Spring can’t be far off.

Studying Rocks

I’m heading off to study rocks at the Wilderness Center.
I’m checking out small pieces of coal.
The area around here used to have lots of coal .
Most people around this area in the past had coal furnaces
to heat their homes.
Pretty erratic rock.
So many different rocks to look at and read about.
Looking at the coral display.
I have seen so many different rocks.
Read so much information.
I hope I can remember some of what I’ve read.
If not I can always come back.

My Bee Book

My person made me a Bee Hat. I put it on so I
could show you my finished Bee Book.
This is my Bee Book. My person helped me make it.
The distressed ink is what we used to make the pages look old.
My first page has the Bee Prayer on it.
These two pages have pockets built to hold my Bee Cards.
The next couple of pages.
More pages.
Another pocket with cards.
These are extra cards that fit in the book.
The book is held closed by
bead elastic and a little button.
I now have my very own book on Bees.
We will have to make more of these little books.
I will have to think of more subjects I’d like in a book.
My library is growing.

Brick Wall Sculpture Part 2

Section 7
Signs of communities
Showing this section again so you can see how close
the surrounding communities are to Sugarcreek.
Section 1
Section 5
Baltic one of the small towns around Sugarcreek.
Section 6
Ragersville another town around Sugarcreek.
In 1908 Alta Weiss was a rather famous female baseball pitcher.
Born in Ragersville played on Cleveland team as a pitcher.
ACorn is next to her hat on the wall.
Section 8
Dundee Ohio
Section 12
Education. Business and Industry
Section 13
Community working together.
I’m glad I wore my blue sweater .
I might have blended in with the wall otherwise.

I have shown all sections of the wall sculpture.
I haven’t seen it at night when it is lite up. I bet it
looks very nice then.

Brick Wall Sculpture

Sugarcreek Ohio

Section 7 Signs of Communities.
I went to see this carved brick wall. It is a wall on the history
of the listed towns.
The sculpture is located in downtown Sugarcreek.
The wall consists of thirteen of these large carved brick sections.
They are all connected. My person took individual pictures but none of the whole piece together.

Today’s post is only about Sugarcreek.
Tomorrow I will post the next six sections.
Section 2 Brick, Clay and Coal.
Belden Brick company in Sugarcreek.
Section 3 Cheese and Dairy.
Cheese making is big in this area.
Section 4 Swiss Culture.
Sugarcreek is considered to be
Little Switzerland of Ohio.
Section 9 Sugarcreek.
Downtown Sugarcreek has buildings
built like Swiss Chalets.
Section 10 Amish Culture.
Sugarcreek is surrounded by Amish farms.
Section 11 Agriculture.
The diverse life in and around Sugarcreek.
This large plaque lists what each section represents, the donors
and the artist name.

Winter Drive

I was so excited to be heading out today.
The excitement lasted up until I walked out the door.
It was to cold to do anything that meant I’d be outside.
As I rode through downtown I knew a drive on a Winter
day could be fun.
We headed off on a country road.
Unlike a couple of days ago we had snow again.
Nothing much to see except snow and bare trees.
A red barn and a yellow shed finally a bit of color.
Snow starts to fall.
A windmill visible through the blowing snow.
A big Amish farm.
A second windmill,
My view was being blocked by the freezing snow coming down.
We decided it would be best to head back home.
Thanks for joining me on my ride.

Bigger Lake, 2nd Kayak,Bushes and a Tree

I wanted my friends to go kayaking with me.
It meant my person had to crochet a second kayak.

We then had to have the lake expanded.
More rocks had to be knit and felted .
A bush was crocheted today for landscape 
around the lake.
A second bush was made .
A tree is now being crocheted.
Phew had only one request for the crocheter. 
Crochet a paddle for the second kayak. 
I had to paddle out and tow Phew back to shore.
Phew looked rather frightened.
He’d gone off without his life jacket on.
My poor person has a few more items
to crochet before our lake scene is finished.