Fox Squirrel

At the Wilderness Center viewing windows.
I stood at the window looking for activity.
Nothing was going on out there.
I waited. 
It wasn’t long before a Fox Squirrel appeared.
A cardinal arrived at the same time.
I wonder what that squirrel thinks of me .
Is it going to be able to climb the pole to the feeder?
Now it’s up the tree.
What about the feeder?
He’s back down at the feeder again.
He made it up the pole.

He’s showing off now.
The squirrel is leaving .
He’s eaten all he wants for now.
Nothing else happening.
Time for me to go.

Squirrels Welcome

Spring Issue of Country Cottage Journal 2019.
I saw an article in the magazine that says
“Squirrels Welcome” .
It grabbed my attention right away.
We aren’t welcomed very often.
This is great ! 

Look at this shed!
 Isn’t it wonderful!
All the stuff in here could be a squirrels paradise.
Lots of places to store my food.
Nice basket to sleep in.
Warm and dry.
Perfect !
Thank you Country Cottage Journal for this article.


Today the little wooden’s are getting small crocheted blankets.
I’m in charge of picking a favorite.
I decided they are each perfect for their critter.
Wee likes color.
Patrick likes to blend in.
Sly likes having the grass under his feet.
Judging is over.
I am reading them a story as they snuggle in their new blankets.


When I go outside late at night with my person we hear an owl hooting.
At times like that I’m happy I’m made of wood.
An owl wouldn’t dare eat me. It could end up having lots of splinters.
Look at the talons on the owls legs as it goes after the rabbit.

I was able to get a close look at a Great Horned Owl.
This one had a large wing span. I guess that’s good to have when
hunting . You have to be able to fly off with your prey.
The Barn Owl was a bit smaller.
You can dissect  owl pellets to see what it has eaten.
These are owl wings you can pick up and look at closer.
You could hold a pair of owl legs with the talons also.

I didn’t do that. They were so much bigger than me. I couldn’t
hold them. I did look . 

That’s all I have on owls for now.
I still plan on keeping my ears and eyes open when I go out at night and
hear that owl hooting.