Reindeer in the House

Never go away and leave your door unlocked.
Rudolph the reindeer was in my house when I returned home.

I’ve told Rudolph before he is to big and tall for my small home.

As you can see by the mess I was correct.
Poor Rudolph !
He thought I hadn’t heard him knocking at the door.
Since it was unlocked he came in looking for me.
He had looked in all the small spaces trying to find me.
Rudolph agreed he had bumped into a few things.

What a mess!
Rudolph said he’d help clean up.
I thought it would be safer if he went home.
Buddy offered his help.
First thing we did was get the clock upright again.
Picked up the cake stand.
Took a few items up to the attic making room for
Rudolph to visit again without a disaster happening.
It was hard work getting everything cleaned up.
Now to sit back and enjoy the clean house.
What a wonderful feeling.

Ragon House Sale

Prickles and I head off to the yearly Spring sale at Ragon House.
Wow a railroad bridge! We are driving right under it.
Passing the big white barn with Zoar’s centennial date painted on it.
A sign showing us the way to the warehouse sale.
When we arrived at the sale the line of people waiting was crazy.
Why so many people in line so late in the day.
We didn’t go early because we knew the wait might be two hours or more.
My person said no way could I or Prickles go inside.

We waited in the car hiding in the glove compartment.
My person stood in that long line just to go to the sale.
She came out with only three items .
A giant sheep on wheels, a large spool and a nice little clipboard.
All items were for us.

This is the sheep. He’s pretty cool.
Either the sheep is really big or we are really little.
I think it’s us we’re little.
The large spool.
I think we’re going to have lots of fun with this stuff.

Hedgehog Prickles Arrives

Prickles the hedgehog moved to Donahey yesterday.
He came with a banner.
Bet we can have fun with it.
Jumping up on the rock Prickles showed me how to wave the banner in the breeze.
We brought my horse in.
I’m going to ride like a crusader carrying the banner.

Prickles walked my horse as I sat astride holding the banner.
We’re having so much fun.
I’m happy he moved here.

Junk Journal Finished

My junk journal.
All pages finished.
Need to add more embellishments as I come across them.
Pockets to hold treasures.
More pockets holding tags.
Secret hidden spots to journal on.
Tiny envelopes to hold my tiny letters,
Coffee dyed paper to write notes on.
My journal art gallery.
Maybe it can be a wall or a box.
If I add a roof it could be a house.
A foldout tucked inside the book.
I’m happy with it.

A Quilt of My Own

Yesterday I was working hard on getting this mailbox in my journal.
I was inspecting a flip tab for errors when my person said a package
had arrived for me.
My name was on the package..
I was so excited I had to open it right away.
Oh my goodness!
Can you believe it!
A quilt was made for me by my friends The Quimper Hitty’s.
I love it.
It has a squirrel on it in my favorite colors.
Thank you so much!

A Journal for me

I’m so excited. My person is making me a junk journal of my own.
It will have squirrel pictures and lots of pockets to hold treasures.
We are searching for items that will work to make it special to me.
Some charms would be really nice. I hope she can find some.
We found some squirrel tags on Etsy.
I’m sure we can find a place to use them.
I get the final okay as to what goes in my book.
I have to check all the stuff out beforehand.
We have been going through odds and ends of paper.
Old music sheets, dictionary pages, junk mail,
maybe a bit of vintage lace seam binding would work.
Eyelets will be used along with coffee dyed paper that we made.
My journal base is made from a coffee dyed McDonald’s bag
folded in half. It was then sewn on the sewing machine.
It’s starting to come together.
This is my front cover at this time.
You never know it could change before the journal is finished.
A folder was made that will go inside my journal.
This folder has many pockets, a belly band, squirrel tags
and a coffee dyed notebook for writing .
It has more stuff that needs to be made.
It is coming together nicely. I’m happy with it.

Happy Easter

I received an Easter card.
I was so happy .
Isn’t it cute!
I visited the lavender rabbit a few days before Easter.
I didn’t want him to forget to stop at my house .
We had a nice talk. He told me not to worry I was on his route.
I tried to stay up all night to make sure the rabbit came.
It’s dark but I’m not scared.
I fell asleep and missed him.
He did come. I was gifted with a basket of goodies.
I hope you have a day full of goodies.
Happy Easter!

Spring Blooms

I’m on a search for blooming plants.
IFound lots of pretty yellow dandelions.
Don’t know what this is.
It’s purple and I think it’s pretty.
Just my size plant.
I do know violets.
I found some.
Found hundreds of these pink flowers.
I don’t know what this is among the dried leaves.
It was the only red plant I found.
This is a dried cattail from last year.
I had to get a closer look at it.
It’s nice to be tiny. I can climb stalks that others can’t.

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I found one last interesting thing in the yard.
A baseball buried in the mud.
Now how did it get in that spot?
I wasn’t going to get stuck in the mud trying to get it.
It will stay until the mud dries up.