I have been missing for a while. My person has been sick.
She is 80% better than she has been.
Today is the best day we have had this Spring.
I was taken out to see the early blooming flowers.

This cement deer fits gracefully among these flowers.
I love this tunnel.
Only dead leaves live inside it for now.
The toad in the window well has lived their for 7 years now.
Toads living close to your home bring good luck I’ve been told.
I decided to swing on the star that hangs in the flowers.
Before I went in I had to see if the cement leaf survived the Winter.
My person made a few of these leaves 5 years ago. They are still doing fine.
I’m hoping to see you again tomorrow.

One thought on “Flowers

  1. How very nice to see you again!! And yes Spring does seem to be here. So much to see in your yard. I especially loved the long lived toad !! Glad to hear your person is finally feeling better. Hope she is 100% soon!!


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