My Bow and Arrow

I received a new bow and arrow.
It’s the right size for me.
If I want to play cupid I’m ready.
Here is my arrow.
I tried my bow out.
My arrow went somewhere close.
I heard it but where did it go?
Found it !
I better be careful.
I only have one arrow.
I took some archery lessons.
They gave me a trophy for being good.
Maybe I will make more arrows.
I won’t have to worry about losing my cupid arrow
if I have everyday arrows.

3 thoughts on “My Bow and Arrow

  1. So good to see you in action ACorn. Horrid Hetty Hickory has a bow and many arrows. She says that you should continue to practice and to be on the lookout for any HIttys as they make excellent targets. (Horrid Hetty is a terrible person not pay any attention to her!!!)

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