Bim , Bom and ACorn

Last month Bim and Bom the aviation brothers flew in.
I was their to meet them.
The #7 airplane was pretty neat.
The brothers were dragging a string of stars
they had gathered on the trip.
Bom hopped out .
Bim soon followed,.
I was so happy to meet them.
They showed me the string of stars they had gathered.
They shine so much more brightly than the picture shows.
The brothers ask if I’d like to get in the cockpit.
I did, it was pretty cool.
They said they would take me flying after the plane
was checked out . I’m waiting for my ride.

2 thoughts on “Bim , Bom and ACorn

  1. WOW!! Bim and Bom and their marvelous flying machine are just amazing. ACorn is going to have so much fun with these guys. I can’t wait to see more of the adventures. ACorns world just gets better and better.

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