Sock Monkeys

I am hiding in with some of the sock monkeys.
Their are at least a hundred of them in my persons home.
This post is more about them than me.
The guy whose arms I’m in has lots of fun.
He got a new red scooter.
Does he know how to ride it?
Not like that.
Not like this either.
I think he might be figuring out how to ride it.
Getting better.
I don’t think he got it.
He better think this over and try again.

4 thoughts on “Sock Monkeys

  1. WHOA…that is a LOT of sock monkeys!!! Big, little…I think I even spied a sock cat!! Glad that ACorn was not involved in the scooter mishap.

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    1. I said I wouldn’t get on the scooter with Sock M until he learned how to ride it well. After his crash I was happy I stuck to my rule. He had a headache after crashing.


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