Spring Blooms

I’m on a search for blooming plants.
IFound lots of pretty yellow dandelions.
Don’t know what this is.
It’s purple and I think it’s pretty.
Just my size plant.
I do know violets.
I found some.
Found hundreds of these pink flowers.
I don’t know what this is among the dried leaves.
It was the only red plant I found.
This is a dried cattail from last year.
I had to get a closer look at it.
It’s nice to be tiny. I can climb stalks that others can’t.

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I found one last interesting thing in the yard.
A baseball buried in the mud.
Now how did it get in that spot?
I wasn’t going to get stuck in the mud trying to get it.
It will stay until the mud dries up.

2 thoughts on “Spring Blooms

  1. the little tiny flowers might be bluettes…we have them in our yard..tons of them. The pinkish white flowers might be star of Bethlehem…they have little white rootlet bulbs. How interesting that your yard is growing baseballs. We do not have any baseball flowers in our yard!!

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