A Journal for me

I’m so excited. My person is making me a junk journal of my own.
It will have squirrel pictures and lots of pockets to hold treasures.
We are searching for items that will work to make it special to me.
Some charms would be really nice. I hope she can find some.
We found some squirrel tags on Etsy.
I’m sure we can find a place to use them.
I get the final okay as to what goes in my book.
I have to check all the stuff out beforehand.
We have been going through odds and ends of paper.
Old music sheets, dictionary pages, junk mail,
maybe a bit of vintage lace seam binding would work.
Eyelets will be used along with coffee dyed paper that we made.
My journal base is made from a coffee dyed McDonald’s bag
folded in half. It was then sewn on the sewing machine.
It’s starting to come together.
This is my front cover at this time.
You never know it could change before the journal is finished.
A folder was made that will go inside my journal.
This folder has many pockets, a belly band, squirrel tags
and a coffee dyed notebook for writing .
It has more stuff that needs to be made.
It is coming together nicely. I’m happy with it.

4 thoughts on “A Journal for me

  1. wow…how impressive…I have long admired this kind of journal…how very special that you are going to have one for your very own self!! I look forward to seeing more pictures and hearing more about it.

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