Junk Journal Finished

My junk journal.
All pages finished.
Need to add more embellishments as I come across them.
Pockets to hold treasures.
More pockets holding tags.
Secret hidden spots to journal on.
Tiny envelopes to hold my tiny letters,
Coffee dyed paper to write notes on.
My journal art gallery.
Maybe it can be a wall or a box.
If I add a roof it could be a house.
A foldout tucked inside the book.
I’m happy with it.

3 thoughts on “Junk Journal Finished

  1. Simply stunning. I want one!!! ACorn your journal is truly a work of art. And you can add to it now and then which is even more wonderful. thank you for sharing this with us. Even tho I am now insanely jealous I am still happy for you.

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  2. Thank you. Today we made some fun things to put in it. We put ribbons on the tags in the pockets. I love being able to keep my sparrow mail in the pocket envelopes. I won’t lose them now.


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