Gray Rainy Days

It has been raining and dreary so I haven’t been doing much.
Most of my adventures have been looking
out the car window . I don’t like
getting wet and cold unless I really have to.

8 thoughts on “Gray Rainy Days

  1. Hi Acorn, rainy days are my favorites (weird, I know). I like to bake cookies, read books, sew, scrapbook and play with my dogs, and drink hot cocoa or tea. I know your human makes cozy clothing and see that you are wearing one of her wonderful hats and sweaters. I am sending you cozy thoughts for rainy days. Summer is coming, I promise.

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  2. I like rainy days sometimes but not always. I did do some reading but my person didn’t take pictures of me doing it. There are times my person works on things for herself and forgets about me.


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