Reindeer in the House

Never go away and leave your door unlocked.
Rudolph the reindeer was in my house when I returned home.

I’ve told Rudolph before he is to big and tall for my small home.

As you can see by the mess I was correct.
Poor Rudolph !
He thought I hadn’t heard him knocking at the door.
Since it was unlocked he came in looking for me.
He had looked in all the small spaces trying to find me.
Rudolph agreed he had bumped into a few things.

What a mess!
Rudolph said he’d help clean up.
I thought it would be safer if he went home.
Buddy offered his help.
First thing we did was get the clock upright again.
Picked up the cake stand.
Took a few items up to the attic making room for
Rudolph to visit again without a disaster happening.
It was hard work getting everything cleaned up.
Now to sit back and enjoy the clean house.
What a wonderful feeling.