Sad Sock Monkey

Today sock monkey also known as Ross was very sad.
Why are you so sad Ross , said I.
Ross looked up . I want to be a Little Wooden like you.
I had to explain to him that you can’t become a Little Wooden
you have to be born a Little Wooden.
Ross, I have an idea. He sat right up to hear it.
I brought out some wooden nickels.
Picked one up and handed it to him.
Ross as long as you have your wooden nickel with you you’re one of us.
He was so happy he held his wooden nickel to his chest along with me.
I whispered in his ear to remember to keep his nickel on him all the time.
He promised he would. Now Ross is an honorary member of the
Little Wooden’s on Donahey.

Sock Monkeys

I am hiding in with some of the sock monkeys.
Their are at least a hundred of them in my persons home.
This post is more about them than me.
The guy whose arms I’m in has lots of fun.
He got a new red scooter.
Does he know how to ride it?
Not like that.
Not like this either.
I think he might be figuring out how to ride it.
Getting better.
I don’t think he got it.
He better think this over and try again.

Adventure Over

A tornado watch was in effect in our area yesterday.
Nothing had happened for hours. We decided to head off
on an adventure. Just as we headed out the tornado watch became a warning.

By the look of the green grass you would
think we were having warm weather.
Not so much warm as rain to green everything up.

Our trip was very short. Down the road a piece, turn around,
back home.
I watched the neighbors flag flying in the wind.
We did not have a tornado just the most amazing wind and waves of rain.
I was happy I was home and not out in it.

More Junk Journal Embellishments

My person has been working on a Junk Journal based on
her friend Michelle Ratcliffes Farm Journal.
It is raining today so I have been helping with embellishments again.
Pockets are what we made today.
Different type pocket.
These will be pockets also.
We are ready to start putting our journal together.

Bim , Bom and ACorn

Last month Bim and Bom the aviation brothers flew in.
I was their to meet them.
The #7 airplane was pretty neat.
The brothers were dragging a string of stars
they had gathered on the trip.
Bom hopped out .
Bim soon followed,.
I was so happy to meet them.
They showed me the string of stars they had gathered.
They shine so much more brightly than the picture shows.
The brothers ask if I’d like to get in the cockpit.
I did, it was pretty cool.
They said they would take me flying after the plane
was checked out . I’m waiting for my ride.

Junk Journal Embellishments

I worked with my person yesterday making embellishments
for her junk journal. I had fun with all the paper and glue.
Some of the tools were to big for me to use on my own.
Here’s a piece I’m working on.
We worked on some big puzzle pieces .
This glue is strong enough to glue me down.
I had to be careful with it.
Some of our finished pieces.
More of our finished pieces.
I have to go for now. I still have
more pieces to create.

My Bow and Arrow

I received a new bow and arrow.
It’s the right size for me.
If I want to play cupid I’m ready.
Here is my arrow.
I tried my bow out.
My arrow went somewhere close.
I heard it but where did it go?
Found it !
I better be careful.
I only have one arrow.
I took some archery lessons.
They gave me a trophy for being good.
Maybe I will make more arrows.
I won’t have to worry about losing my cupid arrow
if I have everyday arrows.


I have been missing for a while. My person has been sick.
She is 80% better than she has been.
Today is the best day we have had this Spring.
I was taken out to see the early blooming flowers.

This cement deer fits gracefully among these flowers.
I love this tunnel.
Only dead leaves live inside it for now.
The toad in the window well has lived their for 7 years now.
Toads living close to your home bring good luck I’ve been told.
I decided to swing on the star that hangs in the flowers.
Before I went in I had to see if the cement leaf survived the Winter.
My person made a few of these leaves 5 years ago. They are still doing fine.
I’m hoping to see you again tomorrow.