Flutterby Wings

I’m getting wings!
I just need to pick the
flutterby I want to be.
I think this orange one matches
my fur the best.
It looks good next to me.
It’s almost cut out.
Now it needs to be ironed and backed.
How neat!
My wings are almost ready.
They fit.
Do you think I can fly?
I better think about this a little while
before I jump off of something.
Aren’t my wings perfect?


Today my person said she needed my help.
We are going to make journal cards from
the leftover scraps on her cutting table.

The rule is a card has to be made in 15 minutes
with little time spent thinking about it.
I picked up the papers and handed them to her.
She glued them down.
Some flutterby’s were in the scrap pile.
I call them flutterby’s they are really
We are going to put them on the cards.
I brought over the piece of yellow paper to add a bit of life to the card.
I just had to wear the flutterby over.
I did wonder if I could fly with those wings.
I didn’t have time to think about it long
since the card was on a 15 minute schedule. If we
had more time I would have tried flying.
We did get three finished.
Spent 15 minutes on each card.
I think they look good.
She still has some scraps on the table.
I hope when she has more time we can do this again.

Happy Memorial Day

Buddy and I have headed out to camp.
It will only be an overnight trip.
Bad weather will start up again tomorrow.
Everything looks good in here.
We have arrived and are setting up camp.
Buddy is a great help keeping me on my toes.
Everything looks good up here.
We are set up and ready to relax.

Flower Journal

I have been helping my person make a flower journal.

I said I was helping. Mostly I was
watching while eating warm buttery popcorn.
This will be her cover. She said
it will be decorated .
Yes the popcorn is good. I better get back to eating it.

More Treasures from Lehman’s

I was getting a little hungry when
I saw this baked goods storage container
I had to look closer to see if it had anything in it.
No it didn’t!
I liked the many colors of enamelware they have.
These are candle holders.
How funny! Wagon wheel candle holders.
Baked goods that are candles.
They looked good enough to eat.
Basket liners blue checked.
My favorite color.
Washtubs in all sizes.
I’m glad I don’t have to do my own laundry.
This is the only thing in my size.
I can’t even use it since I don’t use butter.
I guess I’ll head up to the second floor .

Exploring at Lehman’s

I saw models of all different tractors.

There was so much stuff to see. I was ready to take a nap when we left the store.

Squirrels at Lehman’s

When I was at Lehman’s I found some
squirrels that they sell.
Not real squirrels!
Here is a nut cracker
He was kind of big.
This isn’t in the shape of a squirrel .
I liked the name Squirrel Crazy.
This is a jar of maple flavored honey cream.
I think you must use it in sandwiches.
I didn’t get to taste it
to see if it would make me crazy.
I found a rack of stuffed squirrel toys.
They invited me in among them to have
my picture taken.
Another rack with squirrel puppets.
My person put one on her hand and picked me up.
I thought this squirrel was scary.
I didn’t like being held in its arms.

That was the last of the squirrel things I found but tomorrow
I will show you what else Lehman’s sells.

A Visit to Lehman’s Store

I went to visit Lehman’s store in Kidron Ohio.
I am in the picture.
I’m the tiny speck standing below the R on the piece of equipment.
Whenever I see one of these souvenir machines
I have to put my money in to get the pressed penny
My Lehman’s penny.
As I entered the store I saw this barn.
It is big!
The label to the left in the picture told me who made it but I forgot to read it.
This is one side .
This is the opposite side.
I did get to stand by the door and watch the pig.
Another large barn they had.
I’m right up their having a closer look.
The back side of that barn .
Wouldn’t it be fun to live here?
My person probably thinks it’s to big.
If I lived in it I would have to keep the barn outside.
It was fun to look at.

I can dream.