Butterfly Journal

I’m helping pick out some lace.
My person needs a piece for her butterfly journal.
Lots of lace in here to pick from.
I think I found some that will work.
This piece is the best.

Now the bobbin is empty.
How does that bobbin thing work?
Yes my person does have that much stuff around her
when she works. She said clean desk, clean mind.
She needs her stuff around her to be creative. I like

having that stuff out. I’m allowed to go through all of it.
Getting back to work. Bobbin is full.
I’m watching the lace being stitched on.
Maybe she’ll add this flower.
The piece will then be done and ready
to go in the journal.

4 thoughts on “Butterfly Journal

  1. ACorn you are a very able assistant. The lace you chose is perfect. I do hope we get to see this Butterfly Journal when it is done.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I learn so many new things when I help my person. The lace container was fun to rummage in. You never know what you might find at the bottom.


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