Butterfly Journal Pages

Pages I helped with in the journal.
My rock helped hold pages open.
Ghost butterflies on the left page.
Butterfly in the flowers.
A collage of little bits made a pocket.
The selvage edge of the fabric had
all these tiny butterflies on it.
Roses fabric from a baby dress looked good next to the camellia page.
This journal has more pages. Many of those pages need to be finished.
This is all for now.

3 thoughts on “Butterfly Journal Pages

  1. A Butterfly journal…how totally charming. Obviously you were a big help to your person in creating this artwork. I am just entranced with the pages you have shown us.

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    1. I picked out the dyed pages for the journal. She doesn’t like some I picked. I know she’ll make them work. It will look different when it’s finished.


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