Heading out for the day

The rain held off long enough for me to head off to a sale.
Riding in my usual place the dashboard of the car.
Ragon House warehouse sale is where I ended up.
No long lines and not over crowded.
I didn’t have to stay in the glove compartment.
I was allowed to go in the warehouse.
I spotted this birdhouse in the sales tent.
It was so neat I had to have my picture taken next to it.
The only picture taken in the sales area.
Parked outside.
Blue dodge truck advertising Ragon House.
Sitting on the door by the window for a picture.
Sitting on the fender I realized I
look good with blue backgrounds.
An apple wreath on the front .
I had to get in it.
Truck bed full of flowers with me.
I sure look tiny.
Since the flowers are here why not get in them for a picture.
My person said enough is enough.
It’s time to go .
I had fun.
The rain started just as we headed off for home.

One thought on “Heading out for the day

  1. ACorn you look good on any background but yes, blue does seem to be your color. What a fun truck full of flowers. Bet you had fun with your person at that sale.


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