New Life in the Yard

White azalea is blooming .
The flowers all froze last year and it didn’t bloom.
I had to get a closer look.
White flowers are so pretty at night.
I was tired from climbing the azalea bush.
I rested a minute on the bench.

While resting I noticed the old garden bench is aged just about perfect.
I am but a speck sitting on it.
More Spring flowers
Heuchera’s or coral bells are blooming.
I love the tall flowers.
Mugo Pine bush has new growth on it.
It’s very interesting.
Love the red holly berries.
They always look so pretty.
Have to watch out for the leaves they are sharp.
The peonies are growing.
The leaves are so delicate they couldn’t hold me very well.
Lots of buds on them.
Look at all the wishes hanging on the dandelion.
If I could only reach it.
When I go out I always have to check
on the growth of my moss.
It’s looking good so far.

I headed back inside.
I need to pull out my plant book and see what’s next to bloom.