Hide and Seek

My person worked in the yard as I played hide and seek.
I’m hiding in the clematis. It is just starting to get its leaves.
I’m here on the trellis.
She can’t find me.
Hey I’m down here.
This is not the best place to hide.
The leaves are very sharp.
When I fell down in the peonies I giggled and she found me.
I was taken in the house and given a talk to.
My person said hiding outside was not a good thing to do.

I needed to let her know I was playing hide and seek before I
just went off on my own and hid.
I could be forgotten and lost forever out their.

I don’t think I’d like that.

4 thoughts on “Hide and Seek

  1. NONE of us would like it if you were lost ACorn!! Mind your person and stay safe!! Bet that yard is going to be beautiful as things warm up.

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