We had a sunny day yesterday.
I was taken for a drive out in the country.
My person took pictures of me looking out the
car window at barns we drove by.
I do like looking at barns.
This red one is pretty.
A barn that is very rustic.
My person didn’t get me in this picture.
She took a picture of the silo so she could show I was looking
at it.
The last barn we could take a picture of on this trip.
This barn is used for a trucking business.

5 thoughts on “Barns

  1. I never thought about owls living in a barn. I guess that is why their is an owl called The Barn Owl. I will only look at barns from the outside.


  2. The slatted structure will be filled with corn for the cattle later in the Fall. It is called a corn crib.
    It was a cold sunshine yesterday. Today it is cold and raining again.


  3. Aha…we have corncribs around here but they are usually round with metal roofs and wire sides…interesting to see that wooden one. It is sunny right now but supposed to go away by tomorrow…more rain.


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