ACorn visits the Gran’s

I went to visit the Gran’s.
I had never met them until today.
They live in an old radio cabinet.
Six Gran’s live in the cabinet together.
Some of the Gran’s had just returned from a
Red Hat meeting.
I don’t know what
that is.
They welcomed me with open arms.
I had a little sit down .
All of them are so nice.
I met the little dog that lives with them.
Her name is Fluffs.
I was given a box to stand on.
I wouldn’t have been able to see over
the furniture if not for that box.
They said I could look at anything I wanted
to in their home.
I checked out one of the bookshelves.

The Gran’s have lots of fun stuff to look at.
I was invited down to the kitchen.
Gran Sarah was cooking.
She told me to pull up my box and watch if I wanted to.
I was offered something to drink and a piece of pie.
I didn’t turn the offer down. It was good.
After my pie and before I left I
met the last Gran Rachel. She
is just as nice as the other Gran’s.

As I was getting ready to leave for home
the Gran’s said I am welcome to visit anytime.