ACorn visits the Gran’s

I went to visit the Gran’s.
I had never met them until today.
They live in an old radio cabinet.
Six Gran’s live in the cabinet together.
Some of the Gran’s had just returned from a
Red Hat meeting.
I don’t know what
that is.
They welcomed me with open arms.
I had a little sit down .
All of them are so nice.
I met the little dog that lives with them.
Her name is Fluffs.
I was given a box to stand on.
I wouldn’t have been able to see over
the furniture if not for that box.
They said I could look at anything I wanted
to in their home.
I checked out one of the bookshelves.

The Gran’s have lots of fun stuff to look at.
I was invited down to the kitchen.
Gran Sarah was cooking.
She told me to pull up my box and watch if I wanted to.
I was offered something to drink and a piece of pie.
I didn’t turn the offer down. It was good.
After my pie and before I left I
met the last Gran Rachel. She
is just as nice as the other Gran’s.

As I was getting ready to leave for home
the Gran’s said I am welcome to visit anytime.

4 thoughts on “ACorn visits the Gran’s

  1. If there is anything better then one loving grandma it would be multiple loving grans!! They do look so sweet and of course ACorn was welcomed. That stove in the kitchen is pretty wonderful!!

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