Running Around

I saw some long horn cows today on my ride.
Watched this buggy going down the highway. I think
I would be scared to be out on the road in a buggy.
Cars pass by it to fast.
Saw this neat old building.
Zoar Hotel.
The orange sign is kind of neat. It is marked for
buggy parking only.
Purple Iris growing by the road.
Driving down a shady country road.
It was a steep hill to go down.
Pasted by some cows.
Then arrived back home.

5 thoughts on “Running Around

  1. What an interesting drive. We also see some of those buggies around here…I always feel sorry for the horses having those cars and trucks whizzing by them.. That Zoar hotel looks really interesting. I think I will google it!

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  2. Just looked up the Zoar Hotel….seems like a place you might want to visit ACorn…it says they are working on restoring the interior…so historic!!

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