Radio Shows

Patrick the fox and Prickles the hedgehog
gather at my house to listen to some old time
radio shows.
I get the station tuned in
with the volume just right.
We sit down together on the rug and listen
to The Lone Ranger. The next time we do this I
think we should wear cowboy hats.
Our first show is over. We pull out
the table and chairs. Sit down and play cards.
We will listen to another show but it’s not time
for it to be on yet.
We play crazy cards. You have animal heads and bodies
then you make all kinds of weird creatures.
Patrick, Prickles and I finish the game.
We pack everything back in the box.
I climb up and put the game back on the shelf.
It’s time for our next show.
We gather on the rug again and listen to
The Shadow. It has been a fun day..