Pre Pre School Graduation

The littlest human in the human’s family is graduating
from Pre Pre school. He is only 3. I’m going to go.
Prickles the hedgehog loaned me his flag to wave at the graduation. I’m practicing before I go.
I’m in my dashboard seat and off to the school I go.
I arrive at the school for the graduation.
I’m standing with the littlest humans older brother. He is six.
This pretty flower was the table centerpiece.
I’ve got the flag ready as I watch the empty stage for the arriving class.
The littlest humans older brother crimped my flag
so it would look like the breeze was blowing it.
He did a good job.
The class is arriving. The littlest human is in
the red graduation cap in the front row. I
know he sees me.
He is getting a handshake from the teacher and his certificate.
Here he is with his proud brother behind him.

4 thoughts on “Pre Pre School Graduation

  1. Your welcome! The little humans were fun to play with. The littlest one carried me and was meowing like a cat. I had to tell him I was a squirrel. The oldest one held me up high so I could see everything.


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