Seasoned Senior Fellowship Luncheon

I’m off to the Seasoned Senior luncheon.
My person only had her cellphone camera with her.
The pictures aren’t the best.
I’m at the luncheon holding the program.
I want you to know I’m here.
The program is pretty with bluebirds on it.
The napkins are pretty also.
This is what we are having for lunch.
The ladies at my table gave me so much attention.
They wanted to hold me . They admired my tiny sweater.
They wanted to know who had
carved me and what kind of wood I was made from.

It was nice to be famous for an afternoon.
I was given a treat to take home.
The next meeting is in September.
I hope I get to go again.
Maybe I’ll have a new sweater they’ll admire.

3 thoughts on “Seasoned Senior Fellowship Luncheon

  1. what a fun and lovely luncheon. And of course you were admired and adored ACorn! How fun that your person included you in the festivities. I am sure you brightened everyone’s day! (you did mine just seeing your pictures!)

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