Paul Weaver’s Carvings

I went to see three dimensional carvings by Paul Weaver.
The carvings start from a thick butternut block.
Most blocks are larger than this one. The true color
of the carvings is the color of this block .
All carvings had a light above them to show the detail in each piece.
My camera didn’t get the beautiful color of the wood because of the color of the lights.
The carvings have so much detail. The picture before this one is of the same piece. This
picture shows off the lower half of the carving.

I see a little squirrel.
See the snake in the tree?
I see a squirrel in this piece also.
The Stagecoach Inn.
Their are 12 more of these amazing carvings that I looked at .
My person took pictures of those 12. I will have her show
them in another post.