The peonies have lots of buds. One by one they are opening.
I just had to go out and check up on them.
A breeze came along and almost knocked me to the ground.
With a little luck I managed to grab onto a flower stem on the way down.
This flower smells heavenly and is so fluffy.
I could almost climb in the middle and take a little nap.
What a pretty bud.
They are beautiful while they last but their life is short.
The peonies always happen to bloom just as the rainy weather starts.

6 thoughts on “Peonies

  1. Beautiful Peonys! Mine have buds, but I had to cover them because it has been snowing here with very cold overnight temps. Thank you for sharing your happy flowers ACorn.

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  2. ours are all abloom and yes it is raining! So they are all bowed down. I just picked a bouquet to enjoy. An interesting feature of many of our local rural cemeteries is the profusion of peony plants. They are all looking so lovely!

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