A Visit to Lehman’s Store

I went to visit Lehman’s store in Kidron Ohio.
I am in the picture.
I’m the tiny speck standing below the R on the piece of equipment.
Whenever I see one of these souvenir machines
I have to put my money in to get the pressed penny
My Lehman’s penny.
As I entered the store I saw this barn.
It is big!
The label to the left in the picture told me who made it but I forgot to read it.
This is one side .
This is the opposite side.
I did get to stand by the door and watch the pig.
Another large barn they had.
I’m right up their having a closer look.
The back side of that barn .
Wouldn’t it be fun to live here?
My person probably thinks it’s to big.
If I lived in it I would have to keep the barn outside.
It was fun to look at.

I can dream.