Squirrels at Lehman’s

When I was at Lehman’s I found some
squirrels that they sell.
Not real squirrels!
Here is a nut cracker
He was kind of big.
This isn’t in the shape of a squirrel .
I liked the name Squirrel Crazy.
This is a jar of maple flavored honey cream.
I think you must use it in sandwiches.
I didn’t get to taste it
to see if it would make me crazy.
I found a rack of stuffed squirrel toys.
They invited me in among them to have
my picture taken.
Another rack with squirrel puppets.
My person put one on her hand and picked me up.
I thought this squirrel was scary.
I didn’t like being held in its arms.

That was the last of the squirrel things I found but tomorrow
I will show you what else Lehman’s sells.

2 thoughts on “Squirrels at Lehman’s

  1. cant say that I blame you for being a bit uncomfortable being held by that giant squirrel, even if it was your person’s hand doing the holding!! Loved the silver nutcracker squirrels and the jars of squirrel crazy stuff! pretty funny.

    Liked by 1 person

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