Today my person said she needed my help.
We are going to make journal cards from
the leftover scraps on her cutting table.

The rule is a card has to be made in 15 minutes
with little time spent thinking about it.
I picked up the papers and handed them to her.
She glued them down.
Some flutterby’s were in the scrap pile.
I call them flutterby’s they are really
We are going to put them on the cards.
I brought over the piece of yellow paper to add a bit of life to the card.
I just had to wear the flutterby over.
I did wonder if I could fly with those wings.
I didn’t have time to think about it long
since the card was on a 15 minute schedule. If we
had more time I would have tried flying.
We did get three finished.
Spent 15 minutes on each card.
I think they look good.
She still has some scraps on the table.
I hope when she has more time we can do this again.