Flutterby Wings

I’m getting wings!
I just need to pick the
flutterby I want to be.
I think this orange one matches
my fur the best.
It looks good next to me.
It’s almost cut out.
Now it needs to be ironed and backed.
How neat!
My wings are almost ready.
They fit.
Do you think I can fly?
I better think about this a little while
before I jump off of something.
Aren’t my wings perfect?

6 thoughts on “Flutterby Wings

    1. I have heard of flying squirrels. It would be fun to see them soar . My watch is really my Super Power bracelet. I wear it when a need for something important arises. It seems to help me get solutions.


  1. WoW…wings!! Zori is so impressed (and maybe a little jealous!)…he is now wondering why he does NOT live with a talented Human!! Also very impressed with the Super Power bracelet. I could use one of them!

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    1. Tell Zori that a couple of days of asking for wings didn’t work. I had to pull out my super power bracelet as a last resort to get what I wanted. Zori needs one.


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