Laying Around

Prickles came over to see if I was doing anything exciting.
Buddy and I are just laying around studying the planting guide.
It wasn’t long before all the
little wooden’s started showing up.
Bunny brought his wagon in hopes we’ll go out and play.
Puss N Boots dropped in.
I told the gang about me trying to
play checkers the other day.
The checkers were so big I could hardly move them.
We talked about the huge, giant Teepee I got to go in
The train I saw that was a toy.
Then I told them about the old blue pick-up
truck. Each of them told me how much
fun it would be to own a truck like that.
Since I don’t own it I said lets go out and ride in the wagon.

5 thoughts on “Laying Around

  1. Oh gosh ACorn, I hope the woodens can get a truck like that. What a splendid truck!!!! I am glad that all the woodens could hang out and discuss your adventures. That must have been a fun time with friends. Your living room looked very cozy and inviting. Kathleen


  2. I agree that ACorn and his crew would look so cool in that blue truck! So nice that all your friends would join you in your living room and then go out to play! Friends are such fun!!

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