A Little Wooden Girl

A new little girl moved into our neighborhood.
We all went over to welcome her.
Bunny spotted the mirror .
He spent his time looking at himself.
I saw she had portraits hanging on her wall.
I gifted her with one of me .
She seemed happy to receive it.
Later on she and I went for a ride .
I wanted to show her my town.
She seemed to enjoy the ride.
We haven’t learned her name yet.
We can’t understand what she is telling us.
She is learning to speak English then we will
know who she is. For now she is being called
the little girl by all of us.

5 thoughts on “A Little Wooden Girl

  1. The new “LITTLE GIRL” is quite charming. I look forward to learning her name. So generous of you ACorn to gift her with your portrait. I must admit that I laughed out loud over Bunny and the mirror!!

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