The Fox and The Squirrel

I wanted to be a fox today.
My person knit me a dress, a tail and a hat with ears.
It works just fine making me into a fox
ACorn said lets go for a ride.
So I the fox and he the squirrel
picked our spot on the dashboard ready for the ride.
ACorn said laying on our belly is the best way to go.
I’m a girl in a dress I didn’t agree.
We rode sitting up the rest of the trip.
As you can see it has started to rain....and
rain some more.
By the time we got to where we were going the
rain was coming down by the buckets full.
It wasn’t letting up.
We didn’t get out of the car.
Let our silly humans get out and get wet
That’s just what they did too.
Well ACorn and I had a lot
to talk about anyway.
It was a fun outing.
Going home the rain let up.
Of course it did.